Kenny Roc


Kenny Roc

Kenny Mumba is an African film director who lives between Johannesburg, South Africa and Lusaka, Zambia. Owing to his Pan-African upbringing, Kenny’s work is multifaceted. Kenny’s work is lively, emotion driven and picturesque. 

Kenny approaches every project with enthusiasm. He has an inexplicable eye for beauty and a childlike imagination which allows him pays attention to every detail. Having dabbled in every film genre from commercials to feature films, there is no stopping Kenny. His showreel has multinational documentaries, commercials and a feature film. Kenny just goes. 

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, Kenny believes in brewing characters that are nuanced but relatable with a teeny-tiny bit of spice on them for flair. His characters are rooted in and inspired by real people in real moments. Whether it’s joy or pain or everything in between, Kenny has a knack for making us identify with what the character feels in a way that feels authentic. Kenny is a natural born narrator; his passion for stories and telling them right oozes out of him. He believes in telling stories that aren’t just authentic but even more importantly, organically evoke emotions and thinking in the hearts and minds of his audience. His stories are usually layered and subliminally metaphoric. 

Other days he’s just a photographer, dad and all round cool guy who loves to travel and explore other cultures.


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