What do we offer?

We curate a bespoke offering based on your needs.
We believe that the budget will dictate the approach.
These can be isolated tasks or a full package
Bring us your project needs and we will quote according to the budget.
No need to pay 20% markup – just pay for what you need.
  • Marketing – setting up meetings with Agencies and potential Client to share work, online marketing and managing archives. ¬†Creating connections
  • Branding – evaluating your offering and identifying where to take your brand
  • Scheduling
  • Quoting
  • Treatment guidence
  • Client liaison
  • Booking crew
  • Setting up shoots
  • Client service on sets
  • Managing post production process
  • Ensuring delivery of final material
  • Updating archive material
  • Overseeing website updates
  • Invoicing and payment follow ups
  • Project management