Naba Abolova


Naba Abolova

In this new age of representation, there is nothing that represents townships and black people all over South Africa more than Abolova. Naba Abolova’s creative process focuses on two main things.
Firstly the skin. Black people only recently started loving and finding value in their dark skin. They used to think of being light skinned as being beautiful, are used to seeing models being so clean, fit and more importantly “yellow or white” but abolova are breaking the rules. They show you the beauty of being raw and facing the world as it is in your natural skin. The beauty of uninterrupted world views and facts, the beauty of black skin.
Secondly, Society. Abolova shows how it’s like to be in the different levels of society. Getting rid of the notion that only accomplished and successful people belong in magazine covers. Abolova glamorize the casual boy and girl you’re used to seeing on a daily basis. Abolova are able to make you identify with the cover boy/girl as if everyone belongs in the cover of vogue. They show you how to Appreciate happiness in all its forms within different levels of society. 
Naba abolova’s creative journey is based on the lives of the collective’s members. They live the life they capture and everything in it is an authentic township experience. Every picture they take is in every way, a life of “abolova”(the unemployed black youth). They noticed that the internet does not have enough creative content that the common kasi kid can identify with so They are changing the poor african kid narrative by creating content that is unique to the new age African youth experience.

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